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    Welder – Morgan Corporation – OhioMeansJobs.com Job # 3789954
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    Type of Job: Full Time


    How to Apply: Apply online and complete the online assessment – for referral please select “Other” and type in “Ohio Means Jobs”


    Morgan Corporation, largest manufacturer of medium duty freight and refrigerated van and truck bodies in North America, is expanding and we are opening our 14th manufacturing plant in North America!  We are seeking experienced manufacturing professionals to help launch the operation.  Full production will begin in early 2019 and we will begin training our new team members in advance of the plant opening.


    Duties and responsibilities of skilled and unskilled welders differ as per their expertise levels. In general, the duties and responsibilities of a welder are:


    1. Weld metals according to customer or employer requirements.
    2. Ensure high safety measures while working such as donning protective gear for the face and body.
    3. Operate heavy equipment such as industrial saws.
    4. Examine the equipment after welding and advise maintenance of defects.
    5. Plan/set up of welding operations before beginning.
    6. Read blueprints and weld according to the plan.
    7. Senior welders will supervise welding operations of junior welders.
    8. Train junior and entry level welders.



    1. A thorough knowledge of the different methods and symbols of welding and ability to successfully pass the company certification for all welding applications it certifies on.
    2. A thorough knowledge about safety precautions while working.
    3. Ability to read blueprints and understand instructions.
    4. Ability to analyze work at hand and execute welding procedure per training certifications.
    5. Good decision-making skills.
    6. Ability to work in heat and smoke.
    7. Must pass medical questionnaire.
    8. Must be able to finish work within given time
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  • Job Requirements

    • A high school diploma or GED Preferred
    • Vocational course in welding or previous welding training.
    • Compensation is commensurate on level of proficiency when taking welding test for certification.
      We will provide training for additional welding certifications in the six (6) company welding applications.