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    Production Supply Venture Products OhioMeansJobs.com Job # 211521021
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    Type of Job: Full Time


    How to Apply: apply online only – https://www.ventrac.com/contact/career


    This position works closely with Receiving, Paint and Purchasing Departments and is responsible for ensuring both made-in and purchased components are delivered to the correct recipients. This person will replenish component stock for continuous flow assembly lines while maintaining the receiving/production supply area in an organized and clean condition. This person will set up assembly lines for the Assembly Department.

    Position Responsibilities:
    Works closely with other department/line leaders in production to ensure they have the right parts at the right time; Participate in inventory cycle counts; Maintain accurate inventory; Maintain neat and organized warehouse; Maintain a working and growing knowledge of VPIs part number system; Maintain a working knowledge of all KANBAN items and the rules; Maintain a working knowledge of SYSPRO Impact as it pertains to inventory; Put away components (Made-in/purchased parts) in proper location on assembly lines; Set up and restock assembly lines; Maintain a working knowledge of stocked items; Managing multiple priorities; Other duties as assigned

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    Minimum Qualifications: Positive attitude; Proven organizational skills; Detail oriented; Proven ability to work as part of a team, accept feedback; Ability to manage multiple priorities; Customer service skills for internal customers; Self-motivated with excellent project and time management skills; Physically able to safely operate and work on Ventrac equipment (IE. tow motor, etc.); Ability to occasionally lift 45 lbs.; High School Diploma Preferred Qualifications: 1 year + experience in Receiving; 1 year + experience in Shipping; Proficient working with email and inventory databases; CDL License   Post Closes:   10/31/19