• Job Title

    Medical Assistant Foot & Ankle Center of Ohio Job # 221107986
  • Job Description

    Type of Employment: Full-Time


    Shift: 1st Monday – Friday


    Salary: $13.00 – $16.00 /hour

  • Company

    Foot & Ankle Center of Ohio
  • Location

  • Job Requirements

    General Responsibilities of a Podiatric Medical Assistant:
    • Rooming patients
    • Note/Data Entry
    • Preparing patients in treatment room for the physician
    • Working knowledge of Durable Medical Equipment / Precerting
    • Assist patients with removal of shoes and socks
    • Assist patients into wheelchairs from and to autos
    • Trim toenails and callous on non-diabetic patients
    • Apply and remove paddings and supportive tapings
    • Take plaster impressions for custom orthotics
    • Prepare patient for x-ray
    • Take x-ray (if certified)
    • Assist the doctor in applying plaster or fiberglass casts
    • Remove casts
    • Fit patients with new orthotics
    • Update patient medical history (intake process)
    • Prepare patients for surgical procedures
    • Collect and process lab/biopsy specimens (nail, wound cultures)
    • Assist in surgical procedures
    • Apply bandages, dressings, surgical shoes etc.
    • Dispense supplies as needed (ensure proper fit)
    • Discuss post op instructions with patients post surgery
    • Clean treatment rooms and procedure rooms after each use
    • Empty trash daily
    • Faxing
    • Phone Calls/Triage
    • Logging
    • Instrument Cleaning
    • Pre-day Prep
    • Scanning
    • Team Training Participation
    To Apply Send Email To:  Medpod365@gmail.com