• Job Title

    Machine Operator – Machining 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 12 hour Tekfor – Wooster OhioMeansJobs.com Job #223888812
  • Job Description

    Experience (preferred or required):

    • No prior experience is required


    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Responsible for the quality of the work they produce
    • Performs necessary tasks to operate the machine(s) they are assigned to
    • Start and stop machine(s) as needed in the process
    • Loads and unloads machine(s) as needed
    • Where applicable, positions part correctly within the machine work holding
    • Changes machine tools as required
    • Makes process adjustments when needed to maintain productivity and part quality and per their skill level designation
    • Must adhere to all operator required quality requirements
    • Performs all required inspections and documents-records their inspection results per requirements
    • Correctly use all required inspection and measurement gauges
    • Uses SPC, either paper charts or SPC computer system, as required
    • Packages and labels parts correctly per requirements
    • Insures the machines are running to performance requirements
    • Insures product quality – scrap is being monitored, controlled and correctly identified
    • Adheres to all required safety practices including use of required PPE (personal protection equipment)
    • Insures all machine safeguards are in place during machine operations.
    • Completes all required documentation and insures their accuracy and timeliness of completion
    • Enters required information into the XPPS system using designated shop floor computer terminals
    • Performs and completes all required operator preventative maintenance tasks
    • Performs all required housekeeping duties including any required 5S tasks (tap & go)
    • Follow all trained work instructions as required
    • Communicate process status to other employees effectively
    • Perform visual inspections as required
    • Trains other machine operators as assigned
    • Operate robotics as required
  • Company

  • Location

  • Job Requirements

    Position Requirements and Skills:

    • High School diploma or GED
    • Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide simple numbers
    • Ability to read and use gauges and other inspection measurement equipment correctly and accurately
    • Ability to read and comprehend simple instructions
    • Ability to use equipment as trained


    $500 sign on bonus