Lab Technician Seaman Corporation Job # 3833765

  • Job Title

    Lab Technician Seaman Corporation Job # 3833765
  • Job Description

    Key responsibilities for this position include:

    • Independently operating all I&T laboratory equipment
    • Measuring, mixing, and processing all formulation generated by I&T staff
    • Performing physical and chemical testing on I&T materials
    • Preparing materials for and conducting pilot scale trial runs
    • Setting up and operating the pilot plant equipment
    • Recording all test results and observations in lab notebooks in sufficient detail such that others can reproduce the work
    • Performing preventative maintenance on laboratory equipment;
    • Maintaining organization in laboratory areas utilizing 5S principles; cleaning instruments, glassware, and equipment; monitoring inventory levels, and ordering supplies & materials
    • Tracking all long-term testing programs; performing physical testing at appropriate intervals; reporting results to I&T staff
    • Scheduling and prioritizing laboratory work so as to use time efficiently and effectively
    • Operating test instruments and performing scheduled experiments, testing or compound changes in support of Plant or Manufacturing Chemists; generating lab reports
    • Conducting property testing on Customer Service Requests in support of our Sales and Marketing efforts; generating lab reports
    • Performing color matching requirements for new colors and customer requests, maintaining color standards for all Seaman manufacturing facilities.
    • Collect, prepare, label and coordinate shipping of samples to new and existing customers

    •Other duties as assigned

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  • Job Requirements

    This position requires: Associate’s or Technical degree in chemistry/polymer science/plastics engineering /material science, or equivalent (5 years) related experience in R&D in the plastics/polymer industry.