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    FiberTite CAD Specifications Specialist Seaman Corp Job # 208288649
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    Type of Job: Full Time


    How to Apply: Qualified candidates should apply online at: www.seamancorp.com/careers


    This position is primarily responsible for; (A) Oversight and maintenance of FiberTite Portfolio of Roof System Specifications and Drawings.  (B) Assisting FiberTite customers in the development and delivery of roof project drawings using AutoCAD and related specifications.  Requires frequent contact with customers, including; over the phone, through email, occasionally face-to-face, and working collaboratively with peers of the FiberTite Technical Department to ensure drawings and related specifications meet customer needs and expectations.

    Key responsibilities for this position include:

    • Maintain content of the FiberTite Portfolio of Roof System Specifications and Drawings, and interface with Marketing for FiberTite website and Marketing & Sales collateral, ensuring correctness / clarity / continuity.
    • Create and / or alter roof project specific CAD drawings as necessary for customers.
    • Interpret, translate and transfer field drawings from hardcopy to CAD format.
    • Field and answer technical inquiries & review roofing specifications.
    • Provide roof details and design assistance.
    • Review roof plans & details and provide design solutions for field conditions.
    • Develop & Deliver as needed, Full-length or Short-Form 3-part CSI project specific FiberTite Roof System specifications.
    • Promote safety and safety awareness, including wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required, and following posted safety and security procedures.
    • Other duties as assigned.

    This position requires:

    Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Design, or related technical field with 3-5 years related CAD experience, or equivalent combination of education and CAD experience.

    Working knowledge of construction drawings and Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) specification format is a plus.

    Post Closes:   6/20/19

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