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    Extrusion Operator Speed North America Job # 212693328
  • Job Description

    Type of Job: Full Time 1st & 2nd Shift  3 openings


    How to Apply: in person 1700 A Old Mansfield Rd., Wooster, OH 44691 or by sending your resume by email to Nicole.Mourfield@speed-northamerica.com


    The Extrusion Operator is responsible for operating the extruders, involving continuous coordination of production-related activities, meeting SPEED’s quality standards, production standards, operation standards, safety policies, and effective communications to oncoming/outgoing shifts to meet production objectives, customer expectations and housekeeping.

    Primary Responsibilities and Essential Functions:

    • Operate and assist in day to day team operations ensuring effective communication within his/her team leader and from shift to shift.
    • Coach and train temporary operators on proper work instructions and Speed quality standards.
    • Meet all SPEED’s quality standards, production standards, safety /housekeeping policies.
    • Support company Productivity, Safety, Cost and Continuous Improvement Programs.
    • Meet the Company’s Attendance Policy.
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  • Job Requirements

    • Mechanical knowledge of pulleys, gears and general machine function/operation.
    • Good physical condition able to lift upwards of 60 lbs.
    • Promote and maintain a collaborative attitude and behavior.
    • Able to follow instructions and SPEED’s standards.
    Specific Duties, but not limited to:
    • Proper start up and shutdown of Extrusion lines.
    • Proper set up of Extrusion lines to assure quality line. Including but not limited to the diameter line, no line scratching, proper profile, proper ondulation depth, correct amount of product on a BB spool or BNS spool, following SPEED Operating Procedures, PLC adjustments, quality standards (see below), use of guards, monitor entire Extrusion line to assure all equipment is working properly.
    • Ensure that line being produced is quality line. This includes proper size, shape, color, good surface appearance, correct amount, frequent quality checks on all lines being produced and the signing off on the Quality Tag.
    • Ensure all materials are correct for line using the correct resins (NYCOA, UBE, B40, B33, C40L, WAX, etc.), the correct blends of PA6, PA66 & PA666 and the proper color.
    • Assist and train helpers on proper procedures for maintaining all material hoppers and changing of spools.
    • Proper blending and mixing of any specialty line material. (This is not a helper function).
    • Area housekeeping of entire extrusion area including cleaning of all process equipment from beginning of line to the end, keeping floors swept and free of debris and water.  Note:  housekeeping includes sweeping the back-patio area.
    • Proper recording and weight of all spools and scrap produced on each line.  No leaving of unmarked spools.
    • Create set up sheets for all new set ups as well as updating current set up sheets.
    • Assist all fellow extrusion department employees as needed to maintain production.
    • Change and cleaning of all extrusion dies heads and extruders.
    • Wear all required safety PPE within all designated areas of the entire plant.
    • Communicate with exiting and arriving extrusion employees about production needs, problems encountered or anticipated, machine malfunctions, upcoming product changes.
      Post Closes 1/5/20