Dietary Aide – Aultman – Orrville, OH Job # 250295815

  • Job Title

    Dietary Aide – Aultman – Orrville, OH Job # 250295815
  • Job Description

    Department: Aultman Orrville Dietary Schedule: Full-Time


    Starting Pay: $15


    Shift: Day Shift


    Hours: Varied 10:30am-6:30pm; Weekend 12 hr shifts


    Job Details: High School/GED Required Demonstrate Integrity and strong work ethic Exceptional interpersonal and customer service skills


    Days to Work: Sunday-Saturday; Weekend/Holiday rotation

    *Length of Shift: 8 hours; Weekend: 12 hr shifts *Set days cannot be guaranteed

    *Punctual and Regular attendance necessary

    * Three (3) week minimum training

  • Company

    Aultman - Orrville
  • Location

  • Job Requirements

    *Must be respectful and courteous to fellow employees, management, customers, patients, etc.

    * Teamwork with a positive approach and dependability is a must. *Must practice exceptional hand and body hygiene.

    *Must maintain neat and professional appearance as well. *Must be able to stand on feet all day

    *General pulling, pushing, lifting etc. is expected. Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds. *Must be able to follow written/verbal instructions.


    General Job Responsibilities (including but not limited to):

    *Must maintain proper stocking of items needed for each meal.

    *Must be able to take care of and clean several different types of equipment that the employee will be responsible for throughout the day as well as keep work station clean during the day and before leaving for the day.

    *Must be able to read and process information quickly.

    *Must be able to wash dishes, sweep and mop floor daily

    *Maintain a high level of and regard for sanitation

    *Must be able use a food thermometer take food temperatures, and document appropriately

    *Must be able to maintain cleanliness of utensils and equipment *Must be able to make decisions promptly and problem solve as necessary on the go.

    *Must maintain confidentiality requirements of Aultman Orrville Hospital

    *Must be able to be courteous and professional to patients. *Must be able to operate a cash register.