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    Adult Daycare Aide Gilcrest – Wooster, OH OhioMeansJobs.com Job # 223161164
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    This is a brief synopsis of overall job duties.

    This person assists in the daily care of the consumers; they are to help the Gilcrest Center Coordinator. They are to provide assistance in group and individual activities. Duties will involve personal contact with a varying participant population. Tasks also include record keeping, attention to the environment, use of supplies and equipment, and maintenance of storage areas. The main duties will include showering and toileting of the participants, as well as maintaining a clean work environment.


    Education: Minimum           Educational requirements include a high school diploma (or equivalent).

    License:                              Current driver’s license

    Pay:                                    $12 Per hour

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  • Job Requirements

    Experience:                        Some experience preferred but not required. If/ When required, on-job training will occur for specific duties.


    Personal Skills and traits Desired:

    • Good verbal and written communication skills.
    • Evidence of effective problem resolution skills.
    • Ability to maintain composure in stressful situations.
    • Respect for authority.
    • Able to work independently and follow scheduled plans.
    • Respect for the rights of the participants including the right to privacy and the right to make choices.
    • Works well with others.


    1. Assist with activities as directed by the Adult Day Care Coordinator and in accordance with each participant’s plan of care. All jobs will be on a monthly rotation.
      1. Group
        1. When required, set up areas for scheduled planned activities.
        2. Make note of participants who desire to participate and those who do not.
    • Assist participants who require help to the activity area.
    1. Observe individual participant participation and respond during the activity as needed.
    2. Assist participants back to areas at the conclusion of the activity.
    1. Individual
      1. When required, interact appropriately and effectively in one-to-one activities according to the participants strength and limitations.
      2. Be aware of individual cognitive, emotional, and psychosocial impairments.
    • Toilet participants according to their needs.
    1. Shower participants according to their plan of care and/or requirements set forth by the participants family, care giver or case manager.


    1. Chaperone scheduled activities away from the facility grounds when required.


    1. Incident reports must be filled out immediately whenever an emergency occurs, such as when a participant falls, sustains an injury, becomes sick, is involved in a fight or when EMS is called.


    1. Launder towels and other items that may become dirty. Soiled participant clothing will be placed in a bag and sent home for cleaning.


    1. Implement a developmentally appropriate program for participants designed by the Gilcrest Center Administrator in the following ways:
      1. Implement activities to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs of the participants in the program.
      2. Set up and clean up nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks.
      3. Encourage and document participant participation in activities.
      4. Ensure equipment and the facility are clean, well maintained and safe at all times.
      5. Be familiar with emergency procedures.


    1. Supervise participants
      1. Ensure participants are supervised AT ALL TIMES.
      2. Implement various experiences and activities for participants including songs, games and storytelling.
      3. Comfort participants and build self- esteem.
      4. Implement routines provided by the ADS Coordinator.
      5. Provide positive guidance and a safe and secure environment for participants.
      6. Implement positive discipline when required.
      7. Clearly and effectively communicate in a manner that participants understand.
      8. Observe participants and make notes of progress.
      9. Integrate special needs residents in a positive and respectful manner.
      10. Report concerns and/or changes on participants to the ADS Coordinator.



    1. Aides will be screened before hiring and during employment. Random screenings during employment will occur for the safety and liability of our participants. Results which are deemed to put participants or the company at risk, will result in the immediate ineligibility and/or termination of the employee application and/or employment. These screenings include, but are not limited to:
      1. Drug Screening
      2. FBI & BCII fingerprint background check


    1. Professionalism is important at our facility, and the dress code must be followed whenever you are on the clock.
      1. Company scrub tops will be given to you upon employment.
      2. Bottoms can be pants, scrubs, capri’s, long skirt, or bermuda shorts (below the fingertips). Approved colors for bottoms are black, grey, navy, or royal. (on Saturdays only, denim bottoms are allowed)
      3. Undershirts that show beneath your uniform top must be black, grey, white, navy, or oyal.
      4. Shoes must be of slip resistant and cannot be open. (Must be closed toes and backs).
      5. A nametag will be provided by the company and must be worn at all times.
      6. Your uniform must be tear and stain free.
      7. Earrings must be small hoops or studs.
      8. No lanyards or necklaces should be worn that will not easily release if grabbed.
      9. No large rings (To protect participants skin from tears & scratches).
      10. Absolutely no tongue rings or facial piercings.
      11. Absolutely no perfume, scented after-shave, scented lotions, or body sprays of any type.
      12. Nails must be kept short, clean and smooth (To protect participant’s skin from tears & scratches).
      13. Hair must be clean and pulled back from the face.
      14. For males, beards and mustaches should be clean and well trimmed.
      15. All tattoos must be covered up unless otherwise approved.
      16. Additional company shirts are available for purchase upon request.
      17. Upon quitting or termination of employment, all uniform items provided by the employer, must be returned.
      18. Daily bathing, good oral hygiene and regular use of deodorant are expected.


    1. Help maintain a pleasant and cheerful environment by the following:
      1. Help with putting up, taking down, and storing seasonal decorations
      2. Help care for plants
      3. Assist participants to display calendars, pictures, cards, or other mementos


    1. Participate in and promote staff participation in facility-wide special activities such as dress-up days and special observances.


    1. Attend MANDITORY facility in-services.


    1. Contribute to the facility efforts to maintain and/or improve the quality of care.

    Working Conditions

    1. Physical Demands: Caring for participants can be physically demanding. The aide may be lifting and/or carrying participants and/or equipment, sitting on the floor, and/or moving vigorously during activities and exercise. The aide will be expected to clean and maintain equipment and their designated areas of the facility. The aide may come in contact with participants and/or their caregivers or families, as well as fellow employees that are ill. Please be aware of any medical issues related with participants and/or any other persons you may come in contact with that could result in an exchange of illness.
    2. Environmental Conditions: The aide will be working in a busy environment. There may be a number of activities and situations happening at once, and the aide will have to ensure the participants are supervised at all times.
    3. Sensory Demands: The aide may experience smells associated with toileting and participants who are ill. There may also be times when the environment is noisier than usual, due to activities, games, participants excitement, etc.
    4. Mental Demands: Caring for participants can be stressful. The aide must ensure that participants are supervised at all times, and that residents are involved in safe and appropriate activities. There may be a number of situations happening at once, and the aide must be prepared to handle accidents or emergencies at any time.


    Aides are responsible for the proper documentation of the following forms and reports as required by State law, the ADS Coordinator and/or by request of a participant’s family, caregiver, and/or case manager:

    • Shower Logs
    • Bathroom Logs
    • Daily Reports
    • Incident Reports
    • Maintenance Work Orders

    If for any reason the aide is not able to document and file the forms they must notify the ADS Coordinator.

    Please note, it is your responsibility to report to the proper authority any behavior from participants and/or other staff members that endangers or threatens the well-being of other participants and/or staff members. Any comments, questions or concerns that any participants and/or yourself may have can be directed to the ADS Coordinator

    This job description is intended to convey the general scope of the major duties and responsibilities included in the position. Other tasks not listed here may be assigned by the Administrator. Periodic revision may be necessary to reflect changes in expectations placed on long term are by the Area Agency on Aging. This job description will be reviewed and/or revised by the Administrator annually and as needed.